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Happy hump-day, my fellow caf-fiends. Here’s a little video from Nacho Punch to help get you through the rest of your week. You’re welcome.

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Coffee and alertness


Jetsetters Guide to Increased Wellbeing_Icelandair

It is well-recognized that coffee drinking contributes to increased wakefulness and alertness. Most of the work on coffee consumption and mental performance focuses on caffeine.

Caffeine is well known to have a mild stimulant effect. Research has been conducted for many years to investigate the positive role of caffeinated coffee on improved attention, alertness, reaction time and memory, and there is some evidence to suggest potential benefits of coffee and caffeine in situations which require increased alertness, e.g. night shifts and jet lag.

Caffeine, jet lag and shift work
Jet lag and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) can result in sleepiness and increase the risk of injury. According to the results of a systematic review, caffeine may be effective at improving performance in people who work shifts, or in those who are suffering from jet lag. However, there are no data for subjects over the age of 40, who represent a population more likely to be affected. This research gap limits the conclusions that can be drawn and calls for more research.

In the same way, for short stopovers (1-2 days), adapting the circadian clock is not the best strategy and judicious naps, combined with caffeine and short-term hypnotics, appear to be the most effective way to maintain alertness and sleep in these situations.

A new infographic, created by Icelandair, compiles the best advice on how to counteract jetlag – including the consumption of caffeine to help alertness.

More information on coffee and alertness can be found here on the Coffee & Health website

This infographic is brought to you by Icelandair

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By Michael Allen Smith

Bonavita BV4000ID Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper

The French Press makes rich delicious coffee, however it has two drawbacks.

The first is the sediment. To minimize the sediment, I made a practice of not pouring all the coffee in the mug and never drinking the last few sips. But occasionally I’d forget and my last sip of the coffee would be bitter and gritty. Not a good way to finish your coffee.

The second problem with the French Press is the clean up. Knocking grounds into a compost bin followed by a few rinses to get rid of all the loose grounds before you can brew again gets old. The Bonavita Immersion Coffee Dripper solves both problems.

The Bonavita Dripper makes a rich clean cup of coffee with easy cleanup. It is very similar to the Clever Coffee Dripper. Both coffee brewers use an immersion with a catch that opens on the bottom of the brewer. Both use a paper filter to capture the grounds, which makes getting rid of the used grounds simple and mess free.

The difference between the two is that the Bonavita is made of porcelain, whereas the Clever is made of plastic. So the Bonavita is dishwasher safe, but the Clever is not. Also, the Clever opens by placing the brewer over a container which sends the coffee through the bottom of the brewer. With the Bonavida there is a manual valve.

As for the quality of the brew, I believe the Bonavita Immersion Coffee Dripper to be the same as the Clever Coffee Dripper.

Bonavita BV4000ID Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper (Amazon USA)

Step by Step Brewing Tutorial

Place a #4 coffee filter into the Bonavita.

Rinse the paper filter with warm water. This will remove paper residue from going into and interfering with the taste of the coffee.

rinse filter

Add 30 grams (or 4 Tablespoons) of ground coffee. Coffee will be ground for drip coffee.

add coffee grounds

Heat water to 200F or boil water and let it sit for 30 seconds. Pour enough water to cover the ground coffee. Let it bloom. Wait for 30 seconds.

bloom coffee

Fill the rest of the brewer with water. For those using a scale, the total weight of the ground coffee plus water will be between 500-510 grams (just under 18 ounces). This works out to a brew ratio of 17 parts water to 1 part coffee, which is a good starting point for brewed coffee. Adjust the ratio up or down based upon your personal taste.

add water

Stir coffee. (optional) Place cover over brewer. (optional) Wait 2.5-3 minutes.

steep coffee

Release coffee over carafe using manual switch. Make sure the carafe you are putting the coffee into can hold 18 ounces.

release coffee 1

release coffee 2

release coffee 5

Remove Bonavita and serve coffee.

Last Words

There are a lot of tutorials online for the Bonavita Immersion Coffee Dripper and each one is slightly different. This speaks to how forgiving this brewing method is. I’ve made excellent coffee using different brew times and different grinds. I may or may not stir the coffee. You can also bypass the bloom step and just fill and stir. It all works.

For over a decade I was loyal to the French Press brewing method. These days I prefer the Immersion Coffee Drippers. Cleaner tasting, easier cleanup and just as rich.

finished brewing

Photos by Joseph Robertson of Coffee Lovers Magazine


Bonavita BV4000ID Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper – Amazon USA page.

New Clever Coffee Dripper – 100% BPA free. Amazon USA page.

Melitta Cone filters #4 – Amazon USA page.

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How to Brew Vietnamese Iced Coffee

By Michael Allen Smith

Vietnamese Coffee Brewer

Vietnamese style iced coffee (ca phe sua da or cà phê sữa đá) is super easy to make and all you need is a stainless steel filter that costs around $7 USD online. If you live in a city with a Vietnamese grocery store, you will likely find them even cheaper.

Vietnamese coffee can be served hot, but for this tutorial we are going to brew an iced coffee that is both strong and sweet.

Although it is traditional to use dark roasted coffee for this drink, I discovered it is perfectly fine to use a medium roast. However, light roasted coffees should be avoid as they tend to be overpowered by the sweetness of the condensed milk.

What You’ll Need

  • Vietnamese Coffee Filter
  • Ground coffee
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Spoon
  • Glass or mug
  • Ice

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set

#1 Add Condensed Milk to Glass

You don’t need much, as condensed milk is very sweet. Start with just enough to cover the bottom, maybe 1/3 of an inch (~1 cm). You can always add more later. Don’t add the ice yet. That is the last step.

condensed milk and brewer

#2 Remove the Top Screen of Filter

The coffee will go underneath the top screen, so remove it before adding coffee.

#3 Add Ground Coffee to Filter

Add one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee. There are various opinions on the best grind level. Everything from french press coarse to espresso fine. How tight the filter is screwed on will also play a role. Medium grind is a good place to start.

Some variations of this recipe use chicory. This is optional. You could use a coffee such as Cafe du Monde, which has chicory in it or you could add it yourself. If you mix in chicory yourself, you don’t need more than 1/2 a teaspoon.

Add Ground Coffee

#4 Cover with Top Filter

Screw the top filter until it is snug. If you decided to use a coarse grind, you may need to go a little tighter. More on that below.

Remove Top Filter Lid

#5 Set Brewer Over Glass with Stand

The advantage of brewing into a glass instead of a mug is you can watch the brewing take place.

Setup brewer on glass

#6 Add Hot Water

Fill the Vietnamese Coffee Filter with hot water. I usually take water to boil and then let it cool for about 30 seconds before pouring.

The water should take between 4 and 5 minutes to pass through the filter. If it goes too fast, you can either tighten the top filter or use a less coarse grind. If it goes too slow, either the grind is too fine or the filter is screwed in too tight.

There is also a lid you can place on top of the filter. I don’t use it. I prefer to monitor the progress of the brew so I know if I need to make adjustments in the grind or adjust the tightness of the top filter.

fill filter with water

#7 Wait for Brew to Complete

The easiest part. Just wait for the water to pass through the filter. For the first fews brews, use a timer. The coffee will drip through the filter. Aim for between 4 and 5 minutes. See the advice in Step #6 if you are outside that range.

Notice how the coffee layers on top of the condensed milk.

Finished Brewing

#8 Mix the Coffee and Condensed Milk

Stir the condensed milk into the brewed coffee. Some recipes call for adding additional sugar. I found the drink sweet enough, but let your palate be your judge.

Mix Coffee

#9 Serve With Ice

Mix the ice into the drink and enjoy!

Iced Vietnamese Coffee

Photos by Joseph Robertson of Coffee Lovers Magazine


Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set – Amazon USA

Condensed Milk – Wikipedia page describing how condensed milk is made using steam and sugar so it remains shelf stable for years.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Wikipedia page.

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By Llewellyn Sinclair


Is it Friday yet? These eight cats certainly hope so. Thankfully we have coffee, the internet, and cats to help us get through another grueling work week. Oh, brother.

8. Triceratops Cat needs coffee more than you do right now.


7. Fancy cat wants something fancy.


6. Mocha Cat grows impatient.


5. Sleepy Cat can’t stay up.


4. Get these two a double split in two demitasse – or one demitasse and two straws.


3. This cat will pay in biscuits.


2. A growler of the brew for this bub.


1. Whatever you do, just make sure it doesn’t come from a civet cat.


Love coffee? Love cats? So do we. For more, check out these 16 Coffee Drinks That Aren’t On The Menu (But Should Be) and our chart of Cat Roast Profiles.

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By Teresa Martinez

How many times have you found yourself looking for a spoon, a wooden stick, or a plastic stirrer to stir your coffee? It is easy enough to find those at home but when you’re in your office or in your car wanting to drink coffee, those things may not be easily found. The self-stirring mug might just be what you are looking for.


Image Source

A Simple Device

The self-stirring mug is actually a very simple device. It proposes to stir coffee for you through a whirring disc found at the bottom of the mug. This disc is activated by a stir button found on the handle of the mug.

This mug can be used with other beverages aside from coffee such as tea, cocoa, or soup. This can be seen by some as one of the contraptions made for lazy people but hey, some people can be really very busy to want something like this. With so much work to be done, sometimes the simple task of stirring coffee while handling so many things at the same time can be more challenging than it should be.


The mug comes in stainless steel finish with a snap-lock lid that keeps your coffee hot. The mug needs two triple A batteries to work. Simply add in coffee, cream, and sweetener and press the button for a perfect blend of coffee.

Even cleaning it is a breeze. Soap just needs to be poured in and then the same button is pressed to wash the insides of the mug. What is so sensational about about being free from spoons? Nothing really until we find ourselves in a situation where we want to drink coffee so bad and we got everything except the thing we can use to stir it.

Drinking coffee just got a little geekier.

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By Llewellyn Sinclair


14. No sugary coffee drinks in 2014


No sugar. No syrups. But your cafe still has peppermint – you won’t last long.

13. Stop buying new coffee equipment


But this one is made with all kinds of wood!

12. Walk to your favorite cafe instead of driving

But it’s so cold. And your favorite cafe is seven miles away. Where are those keys?

11. Read a book in a cafe

You will bring a real, honest, paper book in a cafe and read! Wait, first Instagram that drink, because that’s a resolution too, keep a diary of all your drinks. Wait, someone tweeted something snarky to you. Whoa, look at that funny cat on BuzzFeed. Huh? What book?

10. Never again drop a prince on Twitter


But yo, certain cafes need to learn that pump-operated coffee carafes take too long and daddy hates to wait.

9. Only three coffees per day

You made it through lunch but you’ve got five more hours. What’s one more?

8. Will make coffee at home


Dust off that French press and start your morning off right. Or sleep in? Sleep in.

7. Make more of an effort to expand your coffee horizons

Join that subscription service you’ve read about… check out that cafe at the edge of town… or just go to the office. You’re already late.

6. Get more sleep

See broken resolution #9.

5. No kouign-amanns

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.32.49 AM

Those devil pastries that are sweeping the nation – you won’t enjoy their sweet and savory salty caramelly crunch anymore. But there’s one left in the pastry case. It’s giving you sad eyes. No one will know.

4. No more hang-over / sunglasses / 7am / walk-of-shame coffee at your local cafe


Not where they know your name. You won’t stoop to that level. But it’s so close. And that cappuccino is so warm.

3. Hand grind everyday

Bust out that Hario Skerton and get a little exercise, right? Yeah, that’s the ticket. Hold on, how many minutes does it take? Meh…

2. No more to-go cups

You will bring your re-usable cup with you. Where is it? Your car? Wait, what’s in it? Is that a peppermint mocha from a few weeks ago? Did something just move inside it? That paper cup is compostable, right?

1. Stop wasting time with internet coffee listicles

Womp womp.

Top image via.

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By Llewellyn Sinclair


Nerds, rejoice. Counter Culture’s Coffee Department have released a modified version of the Specialty Coffee Association of America‘s ubiquitous coffee flavor wheel. The original flavor wheel was developed in 1995 and, according to the SCAA website, is “a glossary of coffee terms based on sensory science and has become the standard that most cuppers today use in describing the coffee they buy and/or sell.”

SCAA Flavor Wheel (SCAA)

The new wheel comes with very useful guides for body as well as helpful adjectives and intensifiers for coffee.


In addition, CCC is developing a defect wheel (via Instagram):


Big, juicy versions of the wheels are available for free here.

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26 Coffee Things You Must Do Before You Die

By Llewellyn Sinclair


We’re all going to die. The clock is ticking – and it’s never going to stop. Why not live for tonight? Like we might not see tomorrow? Don’t give up just yet. There are at least twenty-six coffee things you must do before you die. Here they are. Have more? Sound off in the comments below.

26. Smell a valley of blossoming coffee trees.


Nothing is sweeter than the smell of coffee blossoms. Valleys fill with the aroma of jasmine. Until you’ve experienced it, you’ve never smelled anything quite like it.

25. Eat a coffee cherry fresh off the tree.


Coffee cherries are fabulous. They’re almost impossible to export (save for freezing them) and nothing tastes like a cherry grown at high altitude, on a healthy farm. That coffee cherry you ate that was growing in your local botanical garden probably tasted like green peppers. The gesha cherry you pop in at 1800 meters above sea level tastes like watermelon candy.

24. Order a syphon at a syphon bar.


The syphon, or vac-pot, is a glorious instrument – and it’s over 150 years old. Look for a local syphon bar – and sit in front of the apparatus and enjoy the thrill of the brew.

23. Gulp down 40 ounces of iced coffee while sitting in a park on a hot summer day.


The rush of forty ounces of ice coffee surging through the body on a hot summer’s day is an unforgettable experience and probably one that you won’t want to relive. Extra points if you’ve got a slip-n-slide nearby.

22. Experience the forbidden refreshment of an espresso over ice.


Espresso over ice can be a delicious treat. Because of the propensity of some to use the order as a loop-hole to make themselves an iced latte at the bar, many cafes have banned this particular drink. When available, try it in a rocks glass. Even better if it’s served with one big cube of ice – or ice with a slushy consistency (pictured above).

21. Visit the first Starbucks.

While technically not the *first* Starbucks, the space on Pike is the company’s oldest. It’s one of the few Starbucks locations to still use La Marzocco Linea espresso machines. Taking a cue from the Pike Place fish mongering friends, they also throw cup orders across the room. It’s very cute.

20. Dunk a beignet in a cafe au lait.

Go to New Orleans and get out to Café Du Monde. Get situated with their cafe au lait (hot coffee and hot milk) and signature beignets (donut-like pastries topped with powdered sugar). Dunk the beignet in the coffee and tell us that’s not the most fabulous combination ever. We dare you.

19. Experience a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia.

The ritual of coffee making in Ethiopia, the birth place of coffee, is legendary.

18. Pick a basket full of red, ripe cherries on a steep cliffside.

Try to keep yourself upright on the steep slopes of the farm as you maneuver between sharp branches while picking only the ripest cherry. Don’t mind the bees and biting insects. You’ll really get a sense of the amount of work is put into every cup you drink.

17. “Cup” coffee.


The slurps, the spoons, the smells, the sounds! Cupping coffee is bizarre, interesting, and one of the best ways to detect subtle differences in coffees.

16. Order a “one and one” at Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz.

Trying to decide between a macchiato and an espresso? Why not both? Verve Coffee Roasters serves up this modern classic – “the one and one” – two demitasses served up on a single saucer.

15. Drink espresso in a Glencairn glass at Sterling Coffee Roasters.


A brandy snifter? Some cry afoul, but don’t listen to the haters. Try it for yourself.

14. Watch Charles Babinski brew espresso at G&B Coffee in Los Angeles.


Sprudgie Award winner Charles Babinski is unstoppable behind an espresso machine – and you’ve probably never seen service the way he does it.

13. Go to a barista competition.


Is there a barista competition happening in your neighborhood? Go. You probably have never be in a room filled with so many award winning coffees. Most competitions offer a complimentary brew bar, where competitors take turns pulling shots. Most are free and they can be a real hoot.

12. Go to Amsterdam for the coffee bars.

(Your Ambassadrice)(Your Ambassadrice)

Skip the tired weed-slinging “coffee shops” and go directly to the new crop of coffee bars around Amsterdam. Pick up a disloyalty card and walk the canals high on caffeine (and then maybe go get a space cake. You do you.)

11. Put a stroopwafel on your coffee mug.


Place a stroopwafel, the Dutch caramel treat, on your mug of coffee. Let it droop. Eat the gooey goodness.

10. Pay your respects to the Goddess Caffeina at the original Vivace cart.

Espresso Vivace‘s sidewalk bar is one of the pillars of Seattle coffee history, and down the side alley you can find an altar to the goddess Caffeina and the dearly departed Brian Fairbrother, one of Seattle’s best loved baristas. Light a candle, wave some sage, and be blessed with God Shots for life.

9. Visit all 5 Surf themed cafes in Lower Manhattan.

Photo: Jasmin ChunPhoto: Jasmin Chun

Check out this piece by Alex Bernson for more.

8. Have the Re-Constructed Shakerato at Tim Wendelboe and marvel at how refined the Scandinavians are.

Stirred, not shaken…

7. Have the best $1 cup of coffee in America — a McCafe.

Don’t poo poo it until you’ve tried it. 100% Arabica!

6. Go to one of the dying breed of old-school scoop shops and experience the olfactory assault of open barrels of Mint Mocha, Coconut, and French Vanilla blends.

The Pumpkin Spice! The Toffee Nut Chew! The Cinnamon Apple Cider Roast! They’re all still there!

5. Experience the intense cognitive dissonance of being served instant Nestle coffee while on a source trip to a renowned coffee producing country.

Good coffee goes out, Nescafe comes in.

4. Get a Frappe on Frappe Friday. Ask for a double pump of caramel.


3. Visit the coffee growing valleys of Central Rwanda.


Some of the world’s most beautiful coffees come from this gorgeous region.

2. Go to every existing Intelligentsia.

Also Los Angeles.Also Los Angeles.

There’s a reason Intelligentsia is one of the most ubiquitous specialty coffee brands out there. Rack up some frequent flier miles and visit all 11!

1. Attend a cupping – of Robusta!

Coffeea Arabica‘s much maligned cousin is experiencing something of a quality revolution. Judge for yourself, and try not to go too coffee crazy from all the caffeine.

Top image: Photo illustration from QJ Photos.

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Celebrities Who Absolutely Love Their Coffee

By Teresa Martinez

Who among the famous celebrities cannot do without their coffee? Like most people, these famous people are not immune to the alluring taste of this beverage. Let us try to look into the coffee drinking habits of the stars we adulate.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Source

Leonardo DiCaprio loves his coffee so much that he actually has coffee affiliation with La Colombe Coffee as part of his humanitarian efforts. The high-end line of green coffee beans goes by the label Lyon. The beans are farmed in Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia, and Brazil.

The coffee was especially made by Todd Carmichael to fit the taste profile of DiCaprio. DiCaprio himself wondered at how the coffee captured his personality. It is an even greater wonder when we think of how this velvety coffee blend is able to help many person in need.

Britney Spears

Image Source

Britney Spears is a certified Starbucks devotee. Is is quite rare to see her on candid shots without holding her favorite beverage. Even Simon Cowell joked about her “demand” for coffee when she was a judge in X Factor USA.

Drinking coffee is one of her indulgences aside from retail therapy. Her favorite is iced coffee and nothing can stop her from getting that drink. As photographers take her picture from anywhere, chances are she is holding a cup of coffee in her hand.

Robert De Niro

Image Source

While not drinking coffee on screen or in private, Robert de Niro does his coffee drinking to the tune of 5,667 pounds. This expensive coffee drinking session was actually an auctioned coffee date won by a fan. Was the coffee and talk worth such amount? It probably was for the excited fan.

The beneficiary of the funds was the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. This just demonstrates how celebrities can use their popularity for a good cause. What easier way to help than doing it with a delicious cup of coffee?

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger Picks Up Starbucks in Santa Monica

Image Source

Well here’s someone who can definitely carry her own load of coffee with ease. Renee Zellweger does this pretty much often for her friends. She can certainly handle this task well and she doesn’t seem to mind doing it.

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