5 Christmas Cocktails That Will Make Your Holidays Infinitely Better

By Llewellyn Sinclair

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Tis the season! For family and fun and coffee and drinking, drinking, drinking. To help you celebrate/survive, here are some easy-to-follow recipes for sure-fire hits this holiday. These needn’t be precise, nor carefully considered and curated. These are drinks you make in the kitchen when no one’s looking. Is there coffee left in the pot from the morning? Perfect. Use that. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of whiskey, rum, and Rumple Minze on hand. You’ll be ho ho ho’ing in no time.


Mama Fajr’s Peppermint Mocha

8 ounces of your darkest brew
A few squeezes of chocolate syrup (to taste)
Very generous amounts of Peppermint Schnapps

Top with shaken fresh cream. For an extra kick, rim the glass with crushed up candy canes.

Tiny Tim’s Dickens Cider

Place all-spice, cinnamon, cloves, and dried citrus peel in a tea-bag and steep in piping hot cider.
Pull the bag out and then fill up the glass with whiskey.
Garnish with an orange if you’re feeling fancy.

Uncle Morty’s Eggnog Latte

Warm eggnog on the stove.
Mix in equal parts coffee.
Place in warm cup with ~ 1/2″ of room for Dark Rum.

If you’re Aunt Patrice, garnish with cinnamon. If you’re Morty, slug it down before anyone realizes you’re on your second helping.

Grammy’s Cold Brew

If you’re in Portland, Seattle, New York City, or Los Angeles – grab a growler of Winter Cheer, Stumptown’s spiced and milked cold brew. If you’re not in those areas, replicate it by steeping mulled spices in cold coffee and adding cream. Keep it around the fridge for this quick cocktail to make on the fly.

8 ounces of Winter Cheer (or Winter Cheer substitute)
2 ounces of Dark Rum

Pour the ingredients over ice. Top with whipped cream and cinnamon.

M & Z’s Irish Coffee

8 ounces brewed coffee
1 T brown sugar
2-3 ounces of whiskey
Whipped heavy cream

Dissolve the brown sugar with hot-hot-hot coffee, add whiskey, and top with gently whipped heavy cream. Serve. Repeat.

What’s your favorite holiday coffee cocktail? Sound off in the comments below!

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