Should You Cream Your Coffee or Not?

By Teresa Martinez

coffee and milk

Coffee and cream seem to be the perfect partners. There are questions however as to whether coffee is best drank black or without cream. More than a matter of taste preference, some are actually saying that putting cream will reduce the antioxidant benefits attributed to coffee drinks.

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Health Benefits of Black Coffee

The drinking of black coffee is attributed with various health benefits. Coffee is said to have great antioxidant properties. It is also said to improve cognitive functions while reducing the risks for certain diseases like diabetes and cancer. These benefits are reaped in proper consideration of the amount and frequency it is taken as well the health condition of those who are taking it.

Like in all good things, moderation is a primary consideration. In the course of enjoying coffee drinking, people seek to discover ways that can enhance its flavor and presentation. One of the most common ways of doing this is to add cream into black coffee.


Why Add Cream

To Achieve Milder Coffee Flavor

Let’s face it. Not everyone can tolerate the strong taste of black coffee. Many would like the coffee taste with a milder and sweeter presentation. Cream and sugar easily accomplishes this.

To Enhance Coffee Flavor

Many are in the opinion that cream enhances the flavor of coffee drinks. To them, cream is able to bring out specific flavor properties of coffee which is not possible without it. This is essentially a matter of taste.

To Produce a Healthier Coffee Drink

When the creamer comes in the form of fresh milk or any milk for that matter, there is a thinking that the coffee drink becomes a healthier drink. Nothing definite has been clearly established about this and there are even contradictions to the effect. Non-dairy creamer is said to have an effect in the length of time coffee reaches the blood stream.

Interesting Trivia About Coffee and Cream

Putting cream in coffee is believed to slow down the heat loss of hot coffee. This is especially beneficial for those who take their coffee on the go and thus will not be able to drink their coffee at once. This is also said to have something to do with viscosity which science would explain as responsible for slowing down the rate of evaporation.

Should you or should you not put cream in your coffee? The best advise would be to enjoy coffee with or without cream or milk in moderation and in any safe manner that would fit your taste. Enjoy!

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