The Best Reads While Drinking Coffee

By Teresa Martinez

Drinking coffee alone allows coffee drinkers the luxury of doing some worthwhile read. Having no pressure at all to make small talk or engage in lengthy conversation with anyone over a cup of coffee, we can consider a lot of reading options for some relaxing time. So what can offer the best reads during this time?

Your Favorite Newspaper

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When was the last time you had the time to read your newspaper without rushing to go to work? Coffee and newspaper are perfect partners for a relaxing breakfast. Most of the time though, people simply don’t have the time to linger longer that time it takes to drink the coffee.

More often than not, the time allotted is just enough to read the headlines. You may have neglected reading the articles posted by your favorite columnist. It is not likely that the other parts of the newspaper are ever noticed until a leisurely time is made available.

Good Novel

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You have been meaning to start reading that novel and haven’t found the time to do so until today when you found yourself drinking coffee all alone. This is an opportune time to do just that and by any luck, you might just be able to finish the book in one sitting. Certainly “me-time” for a change.

An Interesting Magazine

It doesn’t have to be a serious read like a long novel. It can simply be a magazine of the reader’s preferred topic. The short articles are just right for finishing a cup or two of coffee.

Work Books

Really? Work books over a cup of coffee? Why not – as drinking coffee alone is probably the best time to stop procrastinating and face those books waiting to be read for you to accomplish your required work. It isn’t going to get done anyway unless you start.

Old Letters

What better time to open those old letters you’ve kept for so long than over a cup of good coffee when you’re alone to reminisce good and not so good memories. Who knows it may make you remember the important things you may be forgetting in life. Coffee and reading old letters sounds just fine.

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